More than the Watchmen Wait for Dawn

I've always been a morning person.  My body clock cheerfully chirps at 4:30 each morning.  Then up usually prayed, exercised, and showered up in time to get my family up and out the door for the day.Mind you, I'm useless at night.  My husband (Mr. Night Owl) jokes that like Cinderella's carriage, I turn into a pumpkin at nine, sometimes eight, sometimes even seven at night.  Which can make me a boring date (sorry, honey!)Last night though, I surpassed myself and went to bed at six thirty.  PM.  Dinner and then bed.  I felt like a naughty child.My alarm clock (not my gentle body clock, but the jangling box beside my bed) went off at 3:15 am.  Groggily, I randomly hit every button on it to make it stop, finally pulling the cord out of the wall.  I threw on my sweaters, cause the morning before I was COLD, and started out the door.I had a close encounter with a skunk out for his morning ramble, but made it to my car safely.  Of course, Tim Hortons was a necessary stop on the way.  At 3:30 in the morning, boy did it ever smell good, as the ovens blasted the fragrance of their confections.  No donuts for me (my inner donut Nazi), but a coffee, double double, did just fine.As I approached the house, a shadowy figure emerged on the porch.  Not a phantasm, but the previous pray-er.  We exchange pleasantries, and pass the baton.It's four am.  I've got my coffee, and I'm ready to do business with God.I wander around the different prayer rooms, reading the new additions on the walls.  That's the thing I like about taking time slots each day.  You can see the evolution of the prayer room as the walls come alive with people's prayers and paintings.Then I settle myself into my corner (aren't we all territorial?), open my journal, my Bible, and set my heart before the Lord.Thomas Merton said that "contemplative prayer is not so much a way to find God as a way to rest in Him whom we have found, who loves us, who is near to us, and who comes to draw us to Himself."During these three days of twenty four hour prayer, some come to worship, some to intercede and war in the Spirit, some to rest.  Maybe I'm spiritually lazy, maybe it's been an intense season, but I know that I just need to come to the water and drink.The front door creaks open.  Seven am already?  Darn!  I can't believe it.  Ah well, that's ok.  I'm coming back tomorrow for four am.  I guess I'm going to be a boring date again tonight.(for more information on 247 Waterdown, check out the facebook group 247waterdown or go to