Jill Weber

A Pilgrim’s Guide to Prayer, Trust, and Following the Leader

What might happen if we live out of loving encounter with God and build in response to what he reveals?  How can we make space to hear God and say yes to him? What if being a leader is all about being a follower? Is it really that simple? 


These are the questions that have led Jill Weber on the adventure of saying yes to the more of God – the invitation to really live. This honest, warm and compelling book speaks directly to those who long to encounter more of Jesus, to know how to tune into the small movements of the heart, and to have trust in every moment of their lives.

With wisdom and wit Jill explores prayer, discernment, vocation and leadership through her story of building and becoming a House of Prayer, offering encouragement that gives readers the confidence to say yes to what God is already doing. Jill’s story will build faith in readers and help them to discover the freedom that lies beyond that yes – of giving it all for Jesus.


Available October 2019!


My friend Jillian Weber manifests unbridled enthusiasm, childlike wonder and unpretentious courage. She is a pioneer who uniquely embodies ancient mystical wisdom, practical compassion and a heart for justice. Her story is a testament to how God can use the messy details of our lives to accomplish the extraordinary.
— Mark Scandrette | Author of FREE, Belonging and Becoming, Practicing the Way of Jesus and The Ninefold Path

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This remarkable, sassy memoir will inspire and provoke you to live and love from the core. And because there is a musicality to the way Jill writes, you may well be humming its tune for many months to come.
— Pete Greig, 24-7 Prayer International and Emmaus Rd. Guildford

“In Even the Sparrow, Jill Weber tells the story of her life, well lived and listened to, a life of fragmented faithfulness and undeserved, extravagant grace. What is usually said of books like these is that they help us to better listen to our own lives. And I suppose thats partly true. More importantly Jill’s book awakens in selfish people (like me) the desire to care enough to listen to the life of someone else, to care as much about her story as my own.”

Michael Card

Bible Teacher, Songwriter

“Fascinating. It is impossible not to get caught up in Jill Weber’s adventures with God. Down to earth and even funny, yet reflecting a deep and authentic spirituality as she grapples to understand and follow God’s call while inviting the readers to do the same. An amazing spiritual journey.”

Edwina Gateley

Author, Poet, Social Activist and Public Speaker

“Even the Sparrow is the honest journey of the pilgrimage of prayer. Each chapter is a window into the heart and soul of a life given to devotion and the testimony of His great faithfulness. This book is a must-read that will stir the heart with jealousy for the sweet simplicity of devotion to Jesus.

Aisha Reventar

Director of The Toronto House of Prayer

“This great book, written in such a compelling and wildly engaging way, will capture your imagination and inspire you to explore both ancient & fresh new ways to apprentice with and follow Christ. All along the way, it offers spiritual fuel & practical input to catapult your walk with God into something quite extraordinary even in the ordinary day in and day out. I consider this a must read for every Christian who wants more out of their personal relationship with Jesus and more from their missional walk in the world.”

Lisa Koons

National Director of 24-7 Prayer USA

“So many holy and incredible things have happened in and through the life of Jill Weber that it’s tempting to file her away in the 'extraordinary saints' category, refusing to think her story has any relation to ours. And yet, Jill chronicles her journey with such disarming humour, earthy candour and lived wisdom that we can’t help but be pulled along for the ride. In Even the Sparrow, Jill’s friends become our friends, and we are reminded that her best friend—the God who has so claimed her heart—is the same God who invites us on the extraordinary adventure of 'doing whatever he says’.”

Carolyn Arends

Recording Artist, Author and Renovaré Director of Education

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“Those who have been involved in the prayer movement of Canada, recognize Jill Weber as someone who has dedicated herself in helping people discover what is a truthful and dynamic prayer-life…

In Even the Sparrow, Jill opens her life and gives the reader a real and somewhat raw picture of the frustrations and challenges associated with personal prayer. But also, through the lens of Jill’s real-life encounters, we meet a God who patiently draws us to His greater purposes. Therefore, he rebuilds us; heals our woundedness; and eventually redefines us into a people that could rightly be called a house of prayer.

…I recommend this book as one that is very instructional and inspirational as it outlines Jill’s personal prayer journey. We learn that God is seeking to develop us into a ‘house of prayer’, whether alone, or in company with others. In a building, or even a ‘prayer truck’, Jill removes the veil of religiosity and fear around the subject of prayer and helps us to see that for Christians, prayer should be as natural as breathing.”

Rob Parker

National House of Prayer, Ottawa, On. Canada

“Jill Weber has given us a profound gift with her spiritual autobiography. Weaving her story and her community's story together within the pattern of Jesus' life and work calls to mind the celebrated stories of other saints throughout history. These devoted lives are studied not because they are heroic or worthy of worship, but because they make the connection between the Divine and the human more accessible to us all.”

Aaron White

National Leader of 24-7 Prayer Canada, author of Revolution, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Kingdom of God, and Recovering

“Jill Weber is a master story-teller, offering the depth of her experience with God—prayer, discernment, vocation and leadership—as an encouragement to each of us, to listen deeply to God and to the other, all for the sake of the Kingdom. Jill is funny and disarming, inviting us to a beautiful humility, one which God uses mightily. I cannot help reflecting on my own experiences of God and my own journey, as I read Jill’s account of her own. A must read for any Christian in leadership!”

Sandra Broadus

DMIN, Executive Director, Emmaus Formation Centre

There are many books on prayer, but this is in my top three ever. My friend Jill Weber will make you laugh and cry and think and pray … sometimes all at the same time. The book is simultaneously simple and profound. Marvelous!”

John Bowen

Professor Emeritus of Evangelism, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

“Even the Sparrow is the product of the thinking, searching, learning and praying of its wonderful author Jill Weber. Everything you read here will be the result of Jill’s experience and she writes with that same practicality. I recommend it highly.”

Andy Freeman

Co-Director of Space to Breathe



Even The Sparrow