Wanted - Average Joes

Kirk and I had a date night the other night, and rented the movie GI Joe.  It had all that it promises to it's target market of testosterone filled 12 - 20 year olds.  Lots of cool special effects, amazing gadgetry, and of course, the Joes - super skilled warriors well versed in high tech warfare.I struggle with the label "intercessor".  "Oh, you're an intercessor, are you?" or "Oh, we'll let the intercessors pray for that." Somehow the title invokes and cultivates the perception of the GI Joe of Prayer - highly skilled, highly trained, the exclusive few who have ascended to the pinnacle of spiritual efficacy in prayer.So where does that leave the rest of us - the average Joe's?  Does that mean we don't have the skill to pray in a way that produces results? Does that mean we need to leave the real prayer to the Big Guns?  I think by creating this special category of the spiritual elite, we could potentially discount how dangerous we all are, and could miss out on the wonderful adventure of prayer.Now granted, some find prayer easier than others.  But where does it say that God listens to my little squeakings any less than He attends to the hand to hand combat of the Special Ops?So Average Joes, report for duty!  You've got a place before the Throne of God, and a key role to play in releasing His plans and purposes on the earth!