Fasting Fashion - the October Dress Project

October is over.I guess I can put the dress away now.But I've grown quite fond of it.This year I participated in the October Dress Project.  For thirty one days, I wore the same dress.  I mixed up the slacks that I wore underneath, and the sweaters and scarves on top, but each day, the dress was the same.  And yes, I did wash it!"The same dress each day?  Why on earth?" you may ask.I did not realize how pathological my clothing acquisition had become until I moved to Hamilton. Packed and hauled and unpacked boxes and boxes and more boxes of clothes.  It was ridiculous.  Really.  Sure, I bought most at Value Village

(it sounds fancier if you try and pronounce it with a French accent - just try it Valoo Veellage!).

Bottom line is too much stuff is too much stuff, cheap or not!  Shopping had become a recreational activity, and I was spending more money than I wanted to (in my more rational moments).  I decided that it would be beneficial for me to adopt a spiritual practice of simplicity, clothing-wise.What would it feel like to wear the same dress each day?  As part of an online community of people who were adopting the same practice?What would it be like to identify with the majority of women on the planet who only have one or two dresses - at all?I can't believe how much I loved it.  I loved the simplicity of not having to figure out an outfit each morning.  I loved how comfortable it was.  I loved that I spent a lot less time fussing about what I looked like.  My wallet (and my husband) loved that I didn't spend money on clothes!  It was very liberating, and I can see why monks and nuns adopt simplicity in their clothing choices.  In culture addicted to fashion frenzy and disposable clothing, it was a refreshing change.Interested?  Wanna join me next year?  You can check out the facebook group at or read a couple articles and