Off to the Holy Wild

In five days I leave for the British Isles, along with my daughter Hannah and four other members of our GOHOP community. We are spending three weeks exploring ancient and new Monastic communities. Our journey will take us to London, where we will visit two 24-7 Boiler rooms, and then head north to Northumbria and the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne. Then it's across to Scotland and Iona. Then we fly from Glasgow to Dublin, and spend a week with the 24-7 family at the International 24-7 Prayer Gathering.I met with Sue, my spiritual director today. "What are you expecting from pilgrimage?" She asked.I thought about my last pilgrimage to Israel, three years ago. I liked Jerusalem, but I LOVED the desert springs of EnGedi. There was something magnificent about being in the wild, desolate places, looking for God. Lindisfarne and especially Iona are remote holy, thin places steeped in ancient Divine encounters."I think I'm anticipating it will be like it was on the Road to Emmaus. I think Jesus is going to reveal Jesus on the journey, and maybe, if I'm paying attention, my heart will burn within me."

20130926-172053.jpgMy goal is to blog daily, and share my journey with all of you who wanted to squeeze yourself into my suitcase, so if you want to come on pilgrimage with me, subscribe to the blog so you can get daily updates. Perhaps then our hearts can burn together...

24/7, Prayergohopchick