Day 6 - Prayer Spaces in Schools

After years of sacrificial service to the local schools, the Stanford Boiler Room now finds they have an open door to be the loving presence of a people of prayer in a couple schools in their town. One school itself built and commissioned a "Contemplative space", right amongst the classrooms. The team from Stanford designed the prayer installation, and mans the prayer space three lunch hours a week. Today we had the privilege of joining them.It started at 9 am with an hour of prayer for the school, back at one of the Community Houses. Then an hour and a half time for preparation. This time we prepared prayer drawing activities (how do you draw your prayers to God?), and links of paper, representing friendships, on which they could write the names of their friends, things they like about their friends, and attach, with a bit of cellophane tape, their own fingerprint to. After the prep, them it was off to the school. We brought photo ID, were buzzed in, and after we signed in wore visitor badges.Then at the contemplative space, after tidying it up a bit, we spent another hour in prayer for the school before lunch hour began and the kids arrived. Over the lunch hour we chatted with kids, gave out Canada pins, and encouraged them to engage the prayer space.In the afternoon, Hannah, Nicola and I found the local market, and then cooked soup and homemade bread and pavlovas for a Community Dinner which was followed by, you guessed it, another hour of prayer. On top of the three hours of prayer, guests are encouraged to pray for an hour in the Community House on site prayer room. I was really stuck by and pleased with the ratio of prayer to service, which demonstrates how this community believes that prayer IS mission....Oh, and I've gone two whole days without bumping any curbs!