The Power of a Focused Life

My phone is pretty much attached to my hip, so I've decided to see how I can use it as a blessing and a help to my work, rather than a distraction. So today I downloaded an app for my phone, called aTimeLogger. I can set up any categories I wish, and then when I begin and end any task, I can hit a button on my phone and it will time my activity and put it in a log.Am I being obsessive? Turning into a superphonegeek?For me, it's an issue of stewardship and focus. How am I really spending my time? And am I spending it in line with my vision and values? Time can slip through our fingers like water, if we don't make the decision to exercise our stewardship over it.For example, I'm tracking how much time I'm spending on Facebook and other recreational internet. I'm a bit scared to see what my week end report will reveal. But if I'm not aware, then I cannot make the necessary adjustments. I'm tracking the time I spend walking and caring for my physical health. I'm tracking various work related tasks, so that I have a clearer picture of how my work time is being apportioned.Mike Bickle is the Director of the International House of Prayer. In one of his teachings on The Power of the Focused Life, he talks about conversations with people who are having trouble fitting prayer into their day."Well show me your schedule!" Mike exhorts (everything Mike says seems to have an exclamation point after it.). "Oh, you don't have a planned schedule? Well that's why you don't pray!"They say in 12 Step groups "failing to plan is planning to fail."One of the most consistent things I've seen in my twelve years with the House of Prayer, is well intentioned people who want to pray more, and try to add it to their to do list. Only to have it fall off the list as soon as life gets complicated (which it inevitably does), or something new gets added to the to do list (like looking for phone apps to track your productivity, for example). Sometimes we need to radically reorder our lives to make room for what is important.Time is a gift. A precious stewardship.Let's give it to God, shall we?Click here to listen to Mike talking about the power of a focused life...