Pilgrimage reflections: The Scarf of Awesomeness

Yesterday I was chatting with my mum on the phone, catching up after my having been away so long."Whatever happened to the scarf?!!" She demanded. "My friends and I want to know!"On the last day of the 24-7 Prayer gathering in Dublin, they auctioned off my scarf, along with several others from around the world. The proceeds went towards the work of a 24-7 Prayer community in Jordan that was working in Syrian refugee camps. When it came time for my scarf to be auctioned, I was extremely nervous. What if no one bidded on it? I had been working on it for hours and hours throughout the pilgrimage, and I felt like a mamma whose baby was being sold to the highest bidder. Which might end up being 10 Euros or so.Imagine my shock when the scarf was sold for 750 Euros! That's over $1000!And then the man who purchased it gave it back to me as a present....I ended up re-felting everything on a smaller scarf, so I could turn it into a wall hanging, as a momento of my pilgrimage.







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