Congregation Relocation

Today was our last official Sunday at our church, Flamborough Christian Fellowship. We've attended this small and feisty charismatic church in Waterdown for six years. But when Kirk and I moved into Hamilton we knew that eventually we would have to find a local church in the downtown core. It's taken two and a half years. We've dragged our feet because we loooooove our pastor Bob Warriner, and we have been so lovingly cared for by the congregation. They get us. And have supported our crazy urban mission/prayer adventures.For the last year and a half, Kirk and I have been partnering with Sue Carr as she runs a chapel on Sunday afternoons at Mission Services. Mission Services cares for those who struggle with homelessness and addiction issues, and the urban poor who live nearby. Our Sunday chapel looks like a cross between an AA meeting and a Bible study. You never know what's going to happen any given Sunday. We've grown to know and love the eclectic congregation there as I've co-ordinated hospitality (you get to know folks real well at the coffee urn) and as Kirk has served on the worship team, playing lotsa rockabilly on his snare as he accompanies our buddy Ellis.After much prayer and consideration, we decided that we wanted to adopt the Mission Services Chapel as our primary church family. We want to deeply invest in neighborhood relationships. We want to step away from "ministering to the poor", which creates in our mind an artificial separation, an "us and them" mentality. Instead, we simply want to relocate ourselves and try and learn how to love our neighbours well.Here is a photo of Kirk and I with our beloved Pastor Bob from Flamborough Christian Fellowship, and one of Kirk and Ellis rocking it out at Mission Services.