Experiments in Spiritual Disciplines

In our Studies in New Monasticism internship, our interns are reading Richard Foster's classic book, Celebration of Discipline. I love the way Foster moves us away from spiritual disciplines as a "to do list" to be good Christians, and invites us into a perspective of the practice of spiritual disciplines as a means of "putting ourselves in the path of oncoming grace". God has so much he wants to pour into our lives, and we can actively position ourselves to receive it. Exciting!For their assignment this month they are choosing some of the Christian disciplines and creating experiments where they will be exploring them in new ways or with a new focused intention.Here are some of their experiments. Maybe they will spark some of your own!Going for walks by myself (solitude and silence)Deleting my Facebook account (gasp! fasting)Giving away one evening of my time each week to help someone (simplicity)Making myself accountable to one of my co-workers about my attitude and language towards my boss (confession)Volunteering at church (service)Having a dance party at my house every week (celebration)Picking a Scripture each morning to think about while I'm at work (meditation)Letting go of my desire to be right all the time (submission)Not hanging out with my friends for a week to make room to talk to God about my life (guidence)Going to church every Sunday (worship)What about you? How would you like to experiment with Christian Disciplines?