My Largest Felting Project Ever!

My friends Sandy and Peter asked me to make a felting piece to go over their couch. I've been procrastinating, daunted by the size and scope of the project, but yesterday morning I woke up and said. "This is the day!"

20140118-074335.jpgLaying a deep sheet and towel under it, to protect the table.

20140118-074344.jpgBase layer.

20140118-074353.jpgStarting to mess about with different ideas.


20140118-074415.jpgThe arteeste at work.

20140118-074434.jpgClimbing on a stepladder for a birds eye view. Love my Crocs!

20140118-074444.jpgHere it is, all felted. I'm going to add some needle felting embellishments once it dries, and then try and figure out a wall hanging system.So what has this got to do with New Monasticism?Monastic communities, through the ages, have been centres of creativity and the arts. We celebrate the Creator by co-creating!