Fires burning, fires burning, draw nearer, draw nearer

20140201-143446.jpgI snuck in quietly. It was darkish. Fairy lights strung on the walls and windows.

20140201-143545.jpgMy friend Charlene worshipping soulfully on the keyboard in the corner.Young adults curled up on couches.Grey haired intercessors praying quietly.Already, even after 14 hours of continual worship, it feels like a holy space, an open heaven.Charlene passes the baton to my buddy Ryan from the Hammer House of Prayer, and the worship continues. 48 hours of it. 24 worship teams from all kinds of different churches and denominations in the city.

20140201-144237.jpgIn the back, people are writing their prayers on the wall.

20140201-144308.jpgIt's going until midnight on Sunday, at the True City office at 500 James St. North.

20140201-144943.jpgCome and burn with us!