Tierra Nueva

Yesterday my friend Aaron White, and I went on pilgrimage to Tierra Nueva, the ministry founded by Bob and Gracie Ekblad, on the west coast in Burlington, Washington.Bob and Gracie lead an interesting fusion of ministries which include recovery homes, social enterprise, and jail ministry. After their week with us in January, they invited me to come down and speak to their staff about intercessory prayer.I love that this passionate group of social activists started their staff meeting with a good 15-20 minutes of soaking prayer. They sit quietly in a posture of receiving while worship music plays and the team leaders quietly move about from person to peron, praying for them. Making space for Jesus, inviting Him to move in each heart.I'm constantly thinking about spiritual rhythms that create sustainability for justice workers. Too often in Hamilton we see folks burning out under the weight of their responsibilities and the challenges implicit in front line urban missions.So is it a waste of time to do soaking prayer in staff meetings? What happens when we make space for God, and acknowledge that we don't have the answers and the inner resources we need for the job at hand?