Obed House of Prayer in Victoria, B.C.

I first met Mary and Doug at the National HOP Summit in Winnipeg.

"We've just been appointed Directors of the Obed House of Prayer. We've been HOP Directors now for about a week!""Might as well jump off the deep end," I grinned.We hit it off right away. Even liked the same books!

"Red Moon Rising just wrecked us, and set us on the path to the House of Prayer."It made sense then, when I next visited the west coast, to go visit the Obed House of Prayer in Victoria.I spent the afternoon on the beach with Mary and Doug, praying, chatting about all things House of Prayer, watching the curious seal that kept swimming by to investigate us, and telling bad seal puns. "It's God's seal of approval!"Later in the evening, we went to their prayer facility on, wait for it...Obed street.There I met other members of the community.There was Jeremy, with a cherubic grin, and hair buzzed into a Mohawk. He is a frontline street worker, bringing food and the presence of Jesus to the transient and gang related youth in the city.I met Stuart, a local pastor who had given over his sanctuary for Obed's use all week long. He and several members of Obed demonstrate their love for Jesus by serving the city and cleaning out the houses of local hoarders. A job that the city couldn't afford to do, and couldn't find anyone to do. I heard stories of them climbing over four foot walls of garbage, cleaning inches of sludge off bathroom floors, and making a birthday cakes for one of their clients.After coffee, strawberries and conversation, someone pulled out a guitar and we got down to business.Almost immediately, the sweetness of His presence descended on us.They weren't in a rush, but just lingered quietly in His presence. Hushed and reverent. As a community, they had a tender sensitive posture towards The Lord. Loving Him and knowing they are loved by Him. They were as equally open and tender hearted to me as well, making me feel very loved and welcome.The Biblical meaning of the word Obed is worship and service.They are, in my estimation, aptly named. And I look forward to a long friendship.