How to Pray for the Medical Profession/Health Care System

This week I visited The Upper Room, a bi-weekly gathering of intercessors in Cambridge.  They meet together in the room above the city food bank, worship together, and pray.  They are being systematic and strategic, seeking for ways to pray into all aspects of the life of their community.  This time they invited a local health care professional, a former surgeon of the local hospital, to come and share about how to pray for the medical community and healthcare system:

  • Pray that medical professionals would be at peace with themselves and confident in their relationships with their family.  Pray they would have the emotional energy to be fully present with their families while not on duty.
  • Pray that they would maintain a sense of idealism instead of falling prey to materialism.  Pray that decisions would be based on the real needs of the people involved and not political motivations or personal gain.  Pray also that there would be respect for every individual regardless of status.
  • Pray that doctors would be able to process well inside themselves and with others when things go wrong with patients and procedures.
  • Pray for hospital administrations and boards:  for wisdom to make good decisions, and the ability to function peacefully as a board.  Pray that finances would not be diverted away from patient care to deal with conflicts or litigation.  Pray for a release for more funding for patient care throughout the system.

Prayer opportunities:

  • While it’s hard to break into the medical community and mobilize individuals therein for prayer, most hospitals have a chapel/prayer room onsite that is open to the public. People can gather there and pray for the medical community and healthcare issues.
  • Hospital Board meetings are generally open to the public, so it is possible to attend the meetings as an observer and pray quietly throughout.