A few months ago, during my sabbatical, I felt like I was at a crossroads.  For the previous year or so of my ten years with the House of Prayer, I had become increasingly involved in women’s advocacy in the areas of eating disorders, domestic violence, and mental health.  The work had been increasingly fruitful and enjoyable.  So much so, that I began to question my call to the prayer movement.  Was I supposed to be “out there” working in the community, or was I supposed to be “in here” praying for the community?Personal reflection and prayer has led me to the conclusion that it’s not a situation of “either-or”, but “and-both”.  History has taught us that night and day prayer has always translated into missions and community transformation.  The 100 year prayer meeting of the Moravian movement birthed global missions.  More recently, IHOP Kansas City has changed its mission statement to “24/7 worship and prayer and 24/7 works of justice”.Last spring, Floyd McClung, a key leader of YWAM, a global missions movement, and Mike Bickle, founder of IHOP, began to declare the convergence of the prayer movement and the missions movement.  To hear Mike teach on this, click here.King David understood these same realities.  He knew how to “come in” – seeking the Lord, gazing on His beauty, dwelling in His house.  He also knew how to “go out” -  subduing the nations and establishing his kingdom.  The reality is that we are the House of Prayer, the tabernacles of His presence, and by our “going out”, we will see the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord cover our communities, and the whole earth.To see a fantastic video on "Prayer As Mission" produced by, click here.Let's follow the Lamb wherever He goes!