Feast of Devotion

I love grapes.  A lot.  Probably too much.  Little mouthwatering explosions of juicy goodness (drooling yet?).  I’ve often commented to my friends that I’m convinced that there are going to be grapes at the Wedding Feast at the end of the age.  They’re just too tasty to not be in heaven.It’s the day after our week of 24/7 Prayer in Hamilton, and I’m lolling on the couch, soporific as a python digesting an elephant.  What a feast it has been!  It was a week long smorgasbord where devotees from across the city came together and served up their unique expressions of prayer and worship.“Taize?  How do you spell that?  And what on earth is Lectio Divina?”“You mean we can sing our prayers and sing the Scriptures?  Cool!”“I love to dance my prayers, even though it still freaks me out a bit when I do it”.There was a lovely spirit of mutual respect and collaboration as we each brought forward what we were carrying in our own hearts, feasting together on the Lord’s goodness.  It reminded me of the exclamation of the Psalmist “They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights.” ~ Psalm 36:8I can’t wait until the next week of 24/7 prayer - coming up in Waterdown March 27 - April 3!  The evenings are allocated to specific churches, but if you want to sign up for a daytime slot, or the nightwatch if you’re a guy or if there are a couple of you (no girls alone), or the weekends, sign up here and join us!