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“I’m done.  I quit!  This has been too hard for too long!  I’m tired of being a broke missionary!  I’m tired of trying to motivate people to pray who don’t want to pray!  I’m gonna go work for Starbucks!  I don’t have to motivate anybody to buy a latté!” I was feeling particularly cranky that morning.Kirk looked at me and smiled.  “Don’t cut down the tree in the middle of the winter.  Wait it out and see what happens.”“Hhhmmmf.” I turned from him and turned back to the online application for Starbucks that I was working on.The Board of Directors at GOHOP agreed with Kirk.  “Come back from your sabbatical and get back in the swing of things for a couple of months, and then decide.”So I came back.  A little begrudgingly, I must admit.  A little miffed that during my sabbatical, God hadn’t spoken to me about the ministry much at all.  In fact, He only said one thing to me:  “Invest in the next generation of prayer leaders.”“But Lord,” I whined (I whined a lot on my sabbatical), “I don’t draw young adults into my orbit!  If I have an event, only 40 year old ladies come!  A youth magnet I ain’t”.  I whined again, just for good measure.  Muttered and grumbled.  But said yes.It’s amazing what big things such a little word can put into motion…Over the last couple of months, God has begun to roll out the blueprints for the next season in the life of the House of Prayer.  He is ordering our steps in ways we have never experienced before in all our years of ministry and I’ve never had so much fun in my whole life!  Over the next few months I will be in touch more frequently than I have been so I can share with you what is unfolding.The Next Generation:As soon as I said “yes”, right out of the blue, the next generation of prayer leaders began to call me.  And email me.  And text me.  The last month and a half have been meeting after meeting with a fantastic generation of sold out young men and women who are passionate for the King and His Kingdom.Strategic Partnerships:This was the next thing that the Lord spoke to me about as soon as I said “Yes” to the next generation.  Pursue strategic partnerships.  He began to highlight to me some life giving and fruitful partnerships that Gohop already had, like with True City (We just finished up a wonderful week of 24/7 prayer for Hamilton, in collaboration with True City, where hundreds came from all manner of ages and denominations, to pray night and day for the good of the city).  We began to explore those partnerships more fully.  We are strengthening our partnership with the Canadian branch and looking into the possibility of becoming one of 24/7’s Boiler Rooms/Urban Monasteries.  We are working with Richard Long of “Together Canada ” to see how we can bring strength and support to the emerging Houses of Prayer across the nation.  We are also believing that God will plant a YWAM base in downtown Hamilton, so we can raise up a generation of pursuers of God and pursuers of justice in the city.Speak “Friend” and Enter:The Lord spoke to us that He was going to open up downtown Hamilton to us in the next season.  He told us to “Knock, and the door will be opened.”  So we are knocking on the doors of our relationships in the city and speaking to the friends that we have made over the last 9 ½ years of praying for the city, knowing that as we do that, God will make a way for us to re-locate to downtown Hamilton and re-launch in the fall there as an Urban Monastery.  We are experiencing levels of favour that are just blowing us away.  Several people have joined our team, staff and volunteers, and more are on the way!  Kirk and I are also planning to relocate our home and move into the urban core this summer.All this to say, things have really shifted into gear in this season and we are moving forward with divine momentum.  It is so exciting!  God is so at work in our midst, showing us our next steps, and making a way for us to go there.Keeping Us on the Road:One area we are really in need of support in this new season is in the area of transportation.  Our car is ageing and recently we’ve had to sink over $3000 into repairs to keep it on the road.  We live in Burlington, the present location of GOHOP is in Waterdown, and we are spending lots of time in Hamilton as we prepare for the next season, so having a functional vehicle is critical for us.  We are starting to think and pray about getting a newer car.  Secondly, we will be having some extra transportation/travel expenses in this next season as we travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma in May to meet with Urban Monastery/Boiler Room leaders from across North America, and to Vancouver as Jill goes to job shadow the leader of the Urban Monastery/Boiler Room.  In June we will also be going to Sherbrooke, Quebec for a national consultation of House of Prayer Leaders.  If you feel that you can help us with our car/travel expenses at all, you can donate online here: or send cheques made payable to GOHOP to Box 1617, Burlington, ON, L7R 5A1 with a post it note attached allocating the funds to “Webers – Transportation”Thanks everyone for hanging in there with us over the years.  We are in a new season, and God is up to something fantastic!Shalom,Jill & Kirk (my blog – read it!  You’ll like it!)

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