A Day in the Life of an Urban Monastic

5 am - Wake at the crack of dawn.  Grumble at my inexorable body clock.  Stumble downstairs for coffee and my morning paper.  Gather prayer fuel for the day over the Hamilton Spec ~ this morning it's the shortage of supportive housing for women facing domestic violence.  Love the Spectator and am pleasantly surprised at it's positive perspective on Christian initiatives in the city.  Watch my squirrels as they hang upside down trying to wrest bird food from the feeder, wishing I was a strong, lithe and determined.6 am - Prayer - God what is on your heart today?  Sitting back in His presence, just hanging out... "Do not be afraid, little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom".9 am - Arrive at Living Rock http://www.livingrock.ca and park myself in their prayer room.  Living Rock is a fantastic ministry in Hamilton that's been serving the needs of at risk youth in the city for 25 years.  We've been in formal partnership with them for a year.  Today our core team is here from GOHOP and we join in the Rock's regular morning prayer meeting.  Listen to an Audio Adrenaline song " Make me, take me, break me, I am pierced" and get choked up...9:30 am - Individual staff filter into the prayer room and one by one, we pray for them.  The Rock workers are a hard working bunch and carry such a burden as they love and serve these young people.  We pray.  They weep.  A couple of the youth come in, limping with physical and psychic wounds.  More prayer.  More tears.   Note to self - bring more kleenex.11:30 am - Set up for the Wednesday Gathering/Chapel hosted by the Living Rock.  Worship at noon - me, Kirk on the most dilapidated drum set I've ever seen, and our buddy Kev (he's so cool we call him K-Dogg) pounding out the base.  Everlasting God followed by All Who are Thirsty.  We linger on "Come, Lord Jesus Come"  The need here is so great -  we're pulling on the resources of Heaven.  Tim teaches on persevering prayer.  "How long can you hang on the monkey bars at the park?  Do you think you could persevere longer if you were hanging over a huge cliff and your life depended on it?"  He invites people forward after the service and many come up for ministry.  Another reprise of "Come, Lord Jesus Come", and then Kev and I settle into a groove, singing scriptures over the hearts in the room.  People linger.  We pray for some more.2 pm - Sitting down in the office with Al and Karen Craig, the Directors of Living Rock.  Collaboration.  Planning a week of 24/7 prayer this summer.  A UHaul truck has been made available to us, so we're going to make a prayer room on wheels and park it outside the Rock for a week, and teach all these kids to pray creatively through art.  Part of the Rock's Arts in August initiative.  Al and Karen introduce me to one of their staff who is really into the James St. North Art Crawl, and we strategize how we can use the truck/mobile prayer room to do art outreach "we can call it Artreach!"  Love the synergy, making new friends and dreaming together.3:30 pm - Finally tear Kirk away from tuning the dilapidated drums at the Rock.  Drive over to our new prayer space on James St. (at the new True City offices).  Stop for a juice on the way.  Kirk chats with a man sitting on the sidewalk, introduces him to Jesus, prays for healing.  My husband is getting so bold!  I watch and grin and offer the guy a juice.4 pm - Kirk and I drive aimlessly around Jamesville looking for houses for rent.  "Stop!  Drive slower!  Check out the gardens on this one!" (my man knows the way to my heart - just give me some green space)5 pm - Roll home and shift into wife and mother mode, making a huge batch of cabbage rolls for our Community Dinner tomorrow night, driving Hannah hither and yon, and settling down to finally watch the latest Narnia movie.  Happy.  It's been a good good day.