Dreaming of a Prayer Saturated City

In my oh so humble opinion, Richard Long's daily blog www.togethercanada.wordpress.com is a must read for any serious practicioner in the prayer and city transformation movement.Here is a recent post shares a brainstorming session from Mission Ottawa where they gather 75 ideas for saturating their city in prayer!Dreams we have for a prayer-saturated cityA Prayer Leadership Team that would catalyze and support many other specific teams that would take on some of these projects.An Ottawa House of Prayer (for the city)A Missions Prayer BasePrayer Walking of every street in OttawaPrayer Adoption of every street in OttawaMeasurable results in areas like crime reduction.A City Hall Prayer TeamConnectedness through a well-developed Communications System which would include every congregation in the City.A Research groupA Creative Arts Community that praysSituational Prayer using “Art Stations”Prayer Booths at every celebratory event throughout the year.  Eg. Canada Day, Jazz Fest, WinterludePrayer Help phone lineWebsite offering prayerProphetic “Listening and Seeing” teamSWAT teams (Strategic Warfare for special sites)Prayer AssembliesDays of PrayerWeek of PrayerPrayer Walls24-7 weeks or weekendsThe Burn in OttawaGlobal Day of Prayer with huge buy-in from the ChurchLarge Venue gatherings (like City-Wide)Regional Gatherings“Ushering In the Presence of the Lord” kind of prayer resulting in an anointing for HEALING throughout the cityHealing Rooms around the cityGreater and Greater Annual Civic Prayer BreakfastsPrayer conferences with major speakers for training, and inspiring.Prayer trainers sent out to other cities and nations.“Bridal Intercession” that incorporates Worship. (taught to every prayer congregation through training teams)Companies and Businesses with IntercessorsSpecial Ops (teams that do deep research on major issues and can lead prayer into these issues.)Prayer for every school, college and universityPrayer for Social AgenciesPrayer for Families in CrisisSpecial “clean up” teams for crime sites.Prayer for every inner-city ministryPrayer for every EMS, Police officer, FirefighterPrayer team for every Police station.RCMP chaplainsPrayer for our Prisons (awesome stuff is already happening)Special prayer for our juvenile incarceration facilityCity to City prayer missionsAn understanding and embracing of Ottawa’s “Gateway” callingOttawa would be known as a “City of Prayer”.Short term prayer missions to other nationsFully supported long-term prayer missionaries in the nations.A focus on raising up prayer in our YouthMobilization of our children to prayerEvangelism and Prayer SynergyEvangelistic Praying door-to-doorNeighbourhood “Lighthouses of Prayer”More Incarnational Ministry like “Move-In”Training Teams that move around the congregations.Prayer Curriculum for every class and cellA Prayer Point person in every congregation to facilitate communication and mobilizationA city that prays for the worldPastor to pastor prayer everywhereWeekly Pastors’ prayer meetings in every sector of the cityPastors Prayer Days, and RetreatsPrayer for every pastorA prayer team backing every church planterTwinning of established congregations to pray for new church plantsBreakthrough anointing on our prayers for the tough situationsBreakthrough prayer for the Muslim communitySpecial Prayer for First NationsSpecial Prayer for FrancophonesSpecial Prayer for Chinese,Special Prayer for the Lebanese and other Arabic communitiesPrayer that releases and procures property for church planting and other kingdom purposesSpecial Prayer effort targeting New Immigrant neighbourhoodsPrayer PilgrimagesPrayer Retreats in the Contemplative traditionResources available on websiteAn online centre for connection and identity and promotion of events and initiatives.A Newsletter that tells the stories and challenges congregationsSalaried staff who can support all these initiatives.And we have just started dreaming God’s dreams for our city!