Jill Weber

Pilgrim & Guide

Helping individuals and communities become awake and responsive to the presence and the activity of God in their lives.



Even The Sparrow

A Pilgrim’s Guide to Prayer, Trust and Following the Leader

What might happen if we live out of loving encounter with God and build in response to what he reveals? How can we make space to hear God and say yes to him? What if being a leader is all about being a follower? Is it really that simple? 




Hi, I’m Jill.



I’m a Pilgrim.

For the last 18 years I’ve been pursing Jesus through the exploration of monastic spirituality. With friends and in community I have been experimenting with practices of prayer, mission, justice, hospitality, learning and creativity.

And a Guide.

I have the privilege of accompanying individuals, leadership teams, and communities. I’m passionate about shaping leaders that are followers of Jesus and forming leadership culture so that leaders will live out of encounter with God and build in response to revelation.



Interested in having me speak?

Although my availability is sometimes limited, I do give prayerful consideration to any requests from pastors and leaders who extend opportunities to have me speak at their church, conference, leadership retreat, and ecumenical gathering.



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